Carteret Community College Title III Grant

November 22, 2006

Distance Learning Transformation at CCC

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The administration of Carteret Community College is committed to retooling and upgrading its distance learning course offerings and adding more viable web components to its traditional classes.

Training college faculty in the latest distance learning methodology and instructional technologies is a huge but imperative undertaking. The demand for online courses is growing annually and students are arriving in these courses with more advanced and sophisticated technological skills (awareness) than ever before due to the cyber / media culture they have grown up in.

Instructors can no longer rely on the archaic industrial age educational model to teach these students skills they’ll need to succeed and thrive in a highly technological, creative and entrepreneurial work environment.

CCC wants to be on the “cutting edge” of instructional pedagogy, but needs to undergo a dramatic transformation in mindset and teaching skills to meet the instructional demands of tomorrow. It’s crucial that all staff and faculty members be in synch when it comes to teaching, challenging, inspiring, counseling and making the effort to retain today’s computer / web savvy students.

This can no longer be accomplished with yesterday’s outmoded teaching methods. The didactic talking head standing in front of neat rows of students imparting knowledge on a given subject is no longer effective or viable when compared to the way global businesses and industries conduct business over and through complex and secure digital networks.

Business and industry have embraced and continue to harness a variety of sophisticated communications and educational technologies such as video conferencing, Pod casting, streaming video, interactive online forums, blogs and digital informational / educational media (content) exchanges.

The web provides a vast amount of information for instructors who truly understand how to apply, channel and integrate this vast web content into their courses. Distance learning provides the best (and most flexible) instructional environment for connecting and exposing students to the resources (and information) being generated exponentially around the world.

Our goal is to train Carteret Community College instructors to be the facilitators, mentors, and guides into this new frontier of data, information, content and multi-media.

This is a very exciting yet intimidating and challenging time for educators. If we don’t aggressively retool mentally and technologically we (in my opinion) are going to eventually become obsolete and other forward thinking educational venues will fill the void we leave due to being left in the dust by the rapid growth and evolution of technology and web culture.

This is market driven, technologically driven and student (client) driven as far as the demand for more technically sophisticated and a more socially / culturally relevant approach (vision) to education.

This Title III Grant will help CCC make great strides towards moving its staff and faculty forward on the fast paced technological and instructional continuum of the 21st century. It will provide much needed training, technology and instructional resources needed for a vast array of professional development initiatives planned over the next few years.

We at Carteret Community College are committed to excellence in all aspects of learning and receiving this grant would be a huge step towards moving us out of the industrial, instructional model to the creative, conceptual, technological model being demanded by those individuals that come to us for an education.

The sense of urgency is high and now it’s a matter of breaking out of the outmoded industrial model, in and beyond the information age and into the creative, conceptual age where we can educate and train our students in the technologies being used in the global marketplace.

This is no longer just an option – it is an absolute MUST if we are going to remain a viable and competitive force in higher education.

Patrick Keough
Director of Distance Learning
Carteret Community College

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