Carteret Community College Title III Grant

November 23, 2006

The Distance Learning Component Phase II 2007-08

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Online Faculty Participation – Course Development Options

Choose One of the following Three

1. Upgrade one online course (total or hybrid) you already are teaching and begin developing a new course. You must teach at least one of these courses in Spring 2008.

2. Upgrade 2 courses that you already are teaching online. Must teach at least one Spring 2008

3. Develop a NEW course to be offered Fall 2008. (New online faculty)

Click here forMinimum requirements for an online course upgrade (extreme makeover)
Primary course content will be illustrated visually with images and/or graphics.
Faculty members must record a minimum of 2 “enhanced”, audio podcasts (or video) for each course. One podcast should be a course specific audio overview (orientation) outlining your specific expectations for your students to succeed in the class. The second can be a lecture or wrap-up overview of the class highlighting what the students should have learned and what you want them to take away from the class. The goal would be to eventually have audio podcasts of all your course lectures.

Faculty members participating in the first phase of this grant will have access to a full-time Distance Learning technician to assist with all aspects of course creation, development and instructional media production.

Participating faculty members may also check-out (or use) the following equipment from the distance learning lab.

• Digital Camera (still and video)
• Digital recorder
• Ipods
• Laptop Computer
• Scanner

Funds will also be available for distance learning workshops, seminars and travel to preapproved distance learning training that relate to your field.

We are asking participating faculty members to agree to be DL Mentors to the next group of online course developers during the second year of the grant.
The faculty members will mentor one instructor from their department in online course methodology and development. You will each be assigned a mentor from last years team – that person is the faculty member who nominated you for this Title III initiative.

You must agree to teach at least one course that you develop and/or upgrade in the Spring of 2008.

The primary focus of the dl component of this grant is retention and student success and satisfaction with the class.
We will be collecting data relating to retention, grades and student satisfaction with the course before and after.

Please do not agree to being a part of this team if you don’t feel as though you can meet these minimum requirements and/or don’t feel comfortable making this one year commitment.

This grant is a very exciting opportunity for Carteret Community College and I look forward to working with each one of you. I see this group of online instructors as pioneers here at CCC. You will be a catalyst for growth, change and instructional excellence in all aspects of online learning.

Please feel free to post any comments, questions or concerns you may have in the comments box under this post. You may want to review the distance learning components of the actual grant – click here to download pdf version.

We will be conducting most of our business as far as communication and status reports via this Blog.

CLICK Here for Distance Learning Course Upgrading Online Workshop

Patrick Keough
Director of Distance Learning



  1. Hey Patrick!

    This sounds good to me. Thanks for chosing me to be part of this team. I’ll definitely need to check out an I-Pod. 🙂

    I can’t wait! This sounds like a lot of fun, and it should prove to be very beneficial to our existing online courses!

    Comment by Susan Smith — November 27, 2006 @ 10:06 pm | Reply

  2. Sounds great. Let’s get started.

    Comment by Mary Walton — November 28, 2006 @ 12:05 am | Reply

  3. I’m glad you both are excited about being a part of our initial DL Team. As I mentioned…I see the first group of online faculty as DL Pioneers here at CCC. I will set-up a meeting time sometime between December 4-8 as soon as I get our entire group on board.

    Thanks for being a part of this exciting and worthwhile endeavor.


    Comment by Patrick Keough — November 28, 2006 @ 12:54 am | Reply

  4. This is going to be awesome. I am excited to be a part of this team. I have alot to learn- and I think I am ready for the challenge! Getting some new toys to play with will be fun too. I look forward to getting started soon.

    Comment by Johnny Underwood — November 28, 2006 @ 2:51 am | Reply

  5. I am looking forward to taking my on-line teaching up to a whole new level! Thanks for your vote of confidence on selecting me to be part of the team.

    Comment by Lela Mc — November 28, 2006 @ 4:40 pm | Reply

  6. Thanks for including me in this! I’m looking forward to beefing up my online courses.

    Comment by Laurie Freshwater — November 28, 2006 @ 7:35 pm | Reply

  7. I have some great ideas for doing the podcast on location for the History of photography. I am excited.

    Comment by cathy crowell — November 30, 2006 @ 2:18 pm | Reply

  8. Everyone has their phobias and mine is blogs, mostly because I’m a slow reader I have been avoiding them. I do however read email and even though it sometimes takes a few days to respond I always respond. So here’s my first venture into the world of blogs. Maybe someone can suggest an easy way to remember to check back for new posts. Is there a way to have new posts sent to email?

    Regarding this project: Will there be some assistance with the basic layout for an online course?

    I have already put all the courses that I teach on Blackboard. They are not great but better than just notes to read and test to take.

    The logistics (or pacing) of the course is what I would like to fine-tune. I want to include more assignments, homework, problem sets and discussions. I need help with basic stuff such as when to post an assignment, how long to give students to complete it, when it is due and what supplementary content can be used to support the assignment by relating it back to the subject. In short the basic layout of a successful course.

    Comment by Skip Kemp — November 30, 2006 @ 10:41 pm | Reply

  9. Skip,

    No need to stress about the Blog. It is just another communication tool like e-mail. I like it because it is more interactive and I can incorporate more media like audio and images in my posts.

    I will be glad to assist you with your layout and design concerns in addition to stratagies for pacing assignments, developing weekly discussions and online teaching methodology in general.Each member of this initial team has different professional development needs and I hope to identify those in our first meeting then move forward with course development and retooling after Christmas.

    See you on the 13th!


    Comment by ccctitle3 — December 4, 2006 @ 1:51 pm | Reply

  10. Thanks for the note, I’m not stressing too much about the blog. I belong to several discussion groups on a listserv. They are the same sort of thing as a blog except that the messages go through email and don’t just get posted on the blog. It has an archive feature that acts sort of like a blog. I’m always interested in new concepts though so I’m going to bookmark the blog. See you on the 13th.

    Comment by Skip Kemp — December 5, 2006 @ 12:44 am | Reply

  11. here’s what I mean, Patrick, I had this link bookmarked in my DL folder. The last post was in December and no one has used it this year. Which is the controlling link that I should keep for current blogs?

    ps: I meant to ask you where in Europe you were going; I’m envious for a trip anywhere!

    Comment by pskemp2 — April 20, 2007 @ 2:40 pm | Reply

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