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January 17, 2007

Dl Update 1/17/07

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Since my last post to the Title III Blog I have conducted 10 one hour meetings with our initial dl team of pioneers. These meetings were very beneficial, because I was able to determine specific professional development needs for each faculty member on the team in addition to establishing specific goals and objectives for each online instructor as they relate to their course upgrades and/or new course development. I created a spread sheet of the professional development needs and the specific goals and objectives established for each faculty member. This spreadsheet is located in the Blogroll Link.

Two faculty members (Jason Smith and Mary Walton) have already moved forward with what I showed them about Podcasting and have learned the software and posted a course orientation Podcast to their online courses. Lela McClanahan and Johnny Underwood have both written their first podcasts and will be recording their classroom lectures in the next few weeks. It was also determined in our meetings that it would be beneficial for 2 of our team members (Mary Walton & Lourie Freshwater) to attend the upcoming Distance Learning conference in Durham. They will be using those professional development funds in the grant – they are also driving and rooming together to save save money.

I am giving 2 Blackboard (online teaching) workshops on Friday, January 25th. I will be conducting a basic workshop in the morning and an advanced session in the afternoon. Bessie Wells tells me these are almost full, 20 seats in each. I have requested all members of the dl team to attend at least one of these sessions based on their professional development needs.

Most of the equipment I ordered has arrived and the following instructors have been given a laptop to use for the year. They have been informed that they may be asked to return this equipment when the year is up.

• L. Freshwater – Dell Laptop
• L. McClanahan – Dell Laptop
• J. Eyl – Dell Laptop
• J. Smith – Mac Book Pro
• S. Kemp Mac Book Pro (his is having to be sent back because it is defective) – waiting on a replacement.

Don Staub (Project Director) has a Mac Book pro for the DL assistant we will be hiring in the near future.

I have a MacBook Pro and an LCD projector to conduct individual training and group presentations, in addition to producing audio and video Podcasts. We also purchases a professional microphone and Digitial recorder to produce high quality podcasts.

I am still waiting on the recorder components for the 4 IPods we ordered so I can check them out to designated faculty members to record their classroom lectures.

I also have 2 digital cameras (purchesed with Title III funds) I will be checking out to faculty whenever they need to photograph demonstrations in there classes for posting to the blackboards.

DL Secretary Bessie Wells has printed out all the courses statistics from online courses taught by our team in Fall 06. This data will be our benchmark. I have requested that ALL members of the dl faculty team activate all statistics tracking in their online courses taught this semester. As I have mentioned…I don’t know what course data will be most beneficial to us, but I am gathering everything I can in the interim.

My workstudy student Cameron Lockey and and I are making some real progress designing and adding media content to our ITunes web site provided by Apple. You can see what we have done by clicking the link below. I want to make sure that we can still do what you and I discussed last week. Distance learning faculty are ready to start uploading their audio and video podcasts to the ITunes instructional site. Before we do anything else to the CCC ITunes college site some questions need to be answered by our web master Terence Smith. We have set-up a meeting for 9:00AM Friday, January 19th to address these issues.

CCC ITunes Gateway

CCC ITunes In Progress

1. Can we migrate our ITunes college portal and this site directly to the CCC Web Page?
2. Can we also migrate all the distance learning web pages to the CCC web page?
3. Once we do this will I have access to all these pages so I can make changes and updates on the fly?
4. I understand that what we have now is a open site – therefore anyone on the internet can access our instructional content. Do you know how to make this password protected and/or interface this with our Blackboards? Some faculty only want there students accessing there audio lectures – I on the other hand don’t mind if it is open – at least for my content.

I am designing our ITunes Portal (and ITunes Pages) like the Berkely U web site (see below). This should give you an idea of where we are heading with all this. I would like our CCC ITunes site to interface similar than this one as far as the initial welcome page linking to the various curriculum icons and media.

Berkley College ITunes

Cameron Lockey (DL Work Study Student) and I are doing as much of the design work that is technically feasable on our end, however it time to migrate everything over to the CCC web site and configure our ITunes Campus so it is user friendly and functional. This initiative began last May 06 and I hope to have this up and running in the next month or so.

Patrick Keough
Director of DL


  1. Hi Patrick,

    Good information! I was especially impressed with Jason’s podcast. It was clear, easy to listen to, succinct, and really nailed down what will be expected of the students. Keep up the great work!!


    Comment by Jean Baardsen — January 18, 2007 @ 7:00 pm | Reply

  2. Thanks for the positive feedback Jean! I am working with a great (and innovative) group of online faculty. Good things are happening on the DL front here at CCC. This grant is going to afford us resources that we normally would not have and hopefully enable us to be leaders in DL in the state.


    Comment by keoughp — January 19, 2007 @ 1:26 pm | Reply

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