Carteret Community College Title III Grant

November 8, 2007

Symposium on T3 – Denver, Colorado

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dondenver.jpgCCC Title III Project Director Don Staub and Patrick Keough, Distance Learning gave a a 90 minute presentation at the Symposium on Title III and Title V in Denver, Colorado. Don and Patrick essentially shared their first year journey and experiences with Title III and discussed how being awarded this grant has impacted outcomes assessment, distance learning and advising at Carteret Community College.
Don and Patrick prepare for their talk

Don Staub addressed the establishment of an infrastructure for the grant and how his T3 team implemented activities to successfully achieve its stated objectives for improving institutional assessment, distance learning and advising. They also discussed the importance of changing the culture at the college in order to get everyone on board and behind the various T3 initiatives. There was a great deal of interest from workshop participants about distance learning, especially our Blackboard Boot Camps and various professional development initiatives so we directed them to this blog and our DL training blog for more information.


It was great to hear positive comments and feedback about the presentation. Click here for Audio Podcast for their presentation is linked here.

Click here to view the powerpoint presentation they made. Click here to view the various documents created during the Outcomes Assessment process.

Our Blackboard Boot Camp training modules can be found at our DL Advisory Blog

Don’s Debriefing
This is the 2nd Noel-Levitz conference I have attended. Both times, N-L has provided an excellent professional development opportunity for those working on the challenge of retention. The organizers did a great job in offering a selection of presentations and workshops that range from the technical aspects of Title III administration (e.g. project evaluation, the annual review process; compliance; etc…), to case studies (e.g. first-year grant experiences), to activity-specific workshops (e.g. podcasting, establishing an advising center, etc…). Overall, it’s been a very insightful and practical conference.

At a different level — and this, we all know, is the real value of attending a conference — it is the connections and networking that really make the conference. We were very fortunate to meet T3 administrators from two other NC colleges: Forsyth Tech (check out their T3 project) and Rockingham CC. I was able to spend considerable time with administrators from both of these projects – both of which are in their 3rd+ years. The foundation has been laid and we’ll be making visits to both — especially to Forsyth where their project is an advising center.

Overall, I am returning to Carteret County with feelings of excitement and accomplishment. After our presentation, and hearing those of other schools, I am confident that our project is well on its way, particularly given that it is only our first year. I also learned a lot about compliance and management that I did not know before, so I’m looking forward to adding a few pages to the administration play book.

Thanks very much to Patrick for all his energy and enthusiasm in making our presentation a success, and for spreading the word of CCC’s accomplishments.


  1. WOW. I have not yet listened to the podcast, but went through the ppt. You have really done a good job presenting the college and the results of an incredible amount of work that you have done in the first year. All I could think of was that I hope after all the thrust put into getting this missile off the ground, you can orbit now with great results, but perhaps not as much Herculean effort. Thanks!

    Comment by Louise Mathews — November 9, 2007 @ 1:28 pm | Reply

  2. Looks like another “stellar performance”. Great job – kudos to you both! Next time “send some of us worker bees with you guys!” Denver is a great city!

    Comment by Johnny Underwood — November 10, 2007 @ 3:02 pm | Reply

  3. WOW! This is great! It’s neat that CCC’s DL program was demonstrated in Denver! You did a great job!

    Comment by Susan T. Smith — November 12, 2007 @ 3:18 pm | Reply

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