Carteret Community College Title III Grant

February 8, 2008

Title III funds Citrix Server (…and what is a Citrix Server?)

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Mary Walton, Business Technologies Division Director here at Carteret, has written the following piece about the Citrix server, technology we would not have otherwise been able to afford without the support of Title III. The Citrix server is another critical piece in our infrastructure that allows us to provide a higher level of support services to our students.

Mary writes:

We have a new service that we are providing our students who take computer applications courses. Students are now able to access software that they need for courses from anywhere by remotely logging on to a new server that we have. If you hear students referring to the Citrix server, this is what they are raving about.

This service has long been a vision of our wonderful IT Director, Ken Martin. Thanks to funds from the Title III grant, we are finally able to carry out his vision.

We have been providing the same service via Terminal Services on an OLD server that, quite frankly, I’m quite impressed that Ken could even keep alive. Because of that server’s limitations, we had to be extremely selective in the software we chose to offer students. It was also not as stable and we had to limit which classes we gave access to. This new Citrix server is so much more stable and user friendly. Students are potentially saving $200+ per software application class by having this service. Before, they either came on campus to use the software or purchased the software they needed. This also means that the software can run on older machines… so if students computers aren’t capable of running the software… no big deal…they’re running through a browser to our server and it works great!

This semester, this server is serving students in 6 sections of CIS 110, 3 sections of WEB 140, CIS 165, WEB 111, CTS 130, OST 136, and OST 134. That’s a total of 193 students so far just this semester. (We still have students to register for 2nd 8 week courses and courses taught at Cape Lookout to be added to that final number).

I must say that Ken, Debbie and John go way above and beyond what other schools’ IT folks do in accommodating our students by providing tech support to go along with the service.


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  1. I appreciate you keeping us informed about the new advances we have here. Thanks to those who work so hard to make all of our work-and the students-better and easier. Hedda

    Comment by Hedda Bunting — February 11, 2008 @ 11:53 am | Reply

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