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April 3, 2008

Online Tutoring at Carteret CC

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We’re blazing into a new realm of student support here at CCC. The power of distance learning at our College is dramatic, and undeniable. As our DL program turns 10 this semester, we have reached some dramatic milestones:
* 169 online (web-based, hybrid, and full) courses are being taught this semester;
* 72% of students enrolled this semester are taking at least one online course;
* 47% of courses offered are being taught online

With this backdrop, it is critical to understand that we MUST provide all of our support services online. We currently have advising online and we have recently implemented an online tutoring service. After reviewing the field of proprietary online tutoring services, we determined that, at this time, it may be more cost-effective (and more effective overall) to develop our own in-house tutoring service.

The service is in its infancy as we continue to learn what does and does not work, but in the meantime, we continue to move forward with this exciting initiative. By the way, we could not be offering this service without the leadership of Patrick Keough, our DL Director, and the technical expertise of Pre-Ah Hill and Lisa Taylor.

In an effort to take a barometer reading of how we’re doing, we’re not only looking in-house for results, but we’re taking our story on the road and asking other community colleges around North Carolina if/how they are approaching online tutoring. Today (April 3, 2008) we are at the NC Tutoring & Learning Association’s annual meeting, presenting our description of our program, AND, more importantly, taking the pulse of other online programs, and swapping ideas. Our powerpoint can be viewed by clicking on the image at the top of this post.


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