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May 19, 2009

08-09 Student Survey

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Student Survey 2008-2009

We have recently tabulated the results of the 08-09 student survey.  Very special thanks go out to Marlene McGowan and Bessie Wells for their tremendous efforts on this task.

There were 463 respondents.
There were 52 items that covered (broadly speaking): demographic information, orientation, advising, SER services (including CAPS), technology resources (labs, website, etc.), Academic Support, the Library, TRiO, campus appearance, security, alumni programming, and CCC-student communications.

The survey was administered in May, and delivered in two formats: electronic and paper/pencil.  The electronic version was conducted through the college’s elisten survey software.  A general statement was distributed, via Blackboard and through instructors, requesting that students taking online courses please take the survey.  In the end, there were 126 online respondents.  This was self-selected random sampling.

For the paper/pencil version, we randomly selected a group of daytime and evening courses (i.e. daytime – those that met on Tuesdays at 9:00 or 9:30 a.m.; evening – those that met on Tuesdays at 5:00 or 6:00 p.m.).  Of the 28 daytimes courses in this time slot, 21 administered the survey.  Of the 19 evening courses, 9 administered the survey.  There were 337 respondents in this group.

The goal was to survey a cross-section of curricular programs in order to receive broad input.  The top five programs, in terms of numbers of respondents were: AA: 72 (16%); Culinary: 37 (8%); Early Childhood: 29 (6.6%); five programs had 17 respondents (ADN, Business, CIT, Interior Design, Practical Nursing).

All results can be viewed in the accompanying documents.  We are reporting them in the aggregate (i.e. both online and paper responses collectively), as well as separately (online respondents and paper respondents).  To view the comparison of online vs. paper respondents, CLICK HERE.

Perhaps some of the more notable findings were (item statements paraphrased here):
1) I attended orientation: 28% Yes, 72% No
2) If NO, would orientation have helped me be successful (online respondents): 71% No…(paper respondents): 60% Disagree/Strongly Disagree
4)   I’m satisfied with time spent with advisor: 25% Disagree
5)   I’m satisfied with advising: 20% Disagree/Strongly Disagree
11) Semester I took ACA: 1st: 43%; Have not taken: 37.5%
15 a) Utilized Academic Support within last year: 36.5% reported “never”
15 b) Utilized Computer Lab within last year: 28% reported “never”
15 d) Utilized Financial Aid within last year: < 1% reported “not aware” of FA; 45% reported utilizing FA
16) I would recommend ACA to others: 39% Yes (26% No, 35% not taken) [this will be a good baseline to watch next year]
17) Used online tutoring: 7.6% Yes
18) Used Academic Support for tutoring: 34% Yes
19) In which area did you receive tutoring: #1 Math: 58%; #2 English: 26%
25) Received services from CAPS: 31% No; 37% Don’t know about CAPS
27) Have used student email: 80%
29 a) Used website to search for classes: 87.5%
29 c) Use website to check semester start dates: 86%
30) Website is useful: 47.2% Strongly Agree; 47.2% Agree
31) Satisfied with overall quality of website: 43.4% Strongly Agree; 46.7% Agree
34) Do you qualify for support from TRiO: 59% Not Aware
37) Campus is attractive and neat: 42.4% Strongly Agree; 55.4% Agree
38) Buildings and classrooms are clean: 37% Strongly Agree; 57% Agree
40) Satisfied with security: 36% Strongly Agree; 59% Agree
42) I am aware of alumni program: 67.5% No
43) I would be interested in remaining connected after I leave: 67% Yes.
44) Top three ways to receive registration information (out of 9 choices): website, student email, advisor…(Beacon – #6 out of 9)
48) Home internet connection: 56% Cable; 33% DSL; 2.3% dial-up; 8.4% none



  1. I agree that 16) I would recommend ACA to others: 39% Yes (26% No, 35% not taken) [this will be a good baseline to watch next year] is a good one to track for QEP.

    I find it odd so few think orientation would help them.

    I am glad to see so many with Internet. That one may be one to track also if the economy worsens. I would think it would be one of the first bills to go if the budget gets squeezed.

    I think we need to explore deeper as to why some services like academic support and computer lab are not being used by some.

    Comment by Heather Hebert — May 19, 2009 @ 1:27 pm | Reply

  2. I agree with Heather – it seems students just don’t think orientation is helpful to them – this seems to to be the case as long as I have been here (22 years) I wonder if this is due to the way we do the orientation or when we schedule it or some other unknown factor. Good to see so many students have HS internet.

    Comment by Patrick Keough — May 19, 2009 @ 1:34 pm | Reply

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