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March 13, 2010

5th Annual NC3ADL Conference – March 14-16

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Myself and a group of colleagues from CCC will be establishing a formidable presence at this year’s NC3ADL Annual Conference.  Not only will we be attending, but we’ll be presenting like crazy, too.  Patrick Keough is all over the agenda, including a workshop on Sunday and a panel discussion on Tuesday.  Laurie Freshwater will be taking the stage on Monday and Tuesday, as will I (Don Staub).  I will be presenting on effectively assessing distance learning – at the institutional and course level.  The full agenda can be found here. And, of course, we’ll be blogging from the conference as we report back on what we see as the state-of-the-art in DL across North Carolina.  Follow us here as we fill up this space with thoughts, comments, questions, and photos.

Sunday March 14 – Workshops

Kelly Kirk – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Points and comments provided by Cathy Crowell and Lela McClanahan

  • Students being totally lost as far as where to go… and what to do… even how to log on properly.
  • Instructors do not log in/pay attention the Discussion Board often enough
  • Poor use of chat rooms
  • Forcing a traditional instructor into an online situation without proper training
  • Waiting until the END of the semester to give feedback/communication/grades
  • Good rubric to use for online classes: “Seven Principles…”
  • We’ll soon have a link here to his PPT

Monday March 15 – breakout sessions

First thing this morning Don attended a session on Campus Cruiser – the single sign-on portal for all communications.  I’m familiar with portals because of the last institution I worked at.  I thought their portal was useful and attractive.  I can’t say that I was as impressed with Campus Cruiser.  Folks from Wayne CC collaborated on the presentation, and they showed their portal as an example.  Although it has practicality (getting messages out to students and employees), and again, the one-stop-shop aspect, but I really felt that it lacked the design that made it an attractive place to land – it had the look of something that was a have-to go to, as opposed to a want-to go to.

Bringing Your Student Services Online

Dr. Candace Holder, NCCCS Quality and Assessment Center Surry Community College

Dr. Linda Nelms, Vice President Student Services Wayne Community College

The NCCCS Quality and Assessment Center has been working on a two year project to identify requirements for local colleges student services being offered to online students. This presentation will present findings and provide recommendations on how your college can meet SACs requirements for this area.

Materials presented are specific to NC community colleges and the SACs requirements related to offering student services for online students.

  • Gathering data on online services currently available
  • Depth & breadth
  • Challenges
  • Recommendations for resources

Provide a guide for best practices (based on SACS)


  1. Web: services are static web pages
  2. Interactive forms
  3. Incorporates personalized service
  4. Web portals
  5. Artificial Intelligence Functionality

Key points of review of services (see handout)

Accurate & timely information

    • Pre registration
    • Application
    • Placement testing
    • Enrollment
    • FA
    • Secure payment options
    • Advising
    • Timely intervention regarding student progress
    • Tutoring
    • Career counseling & placement
    • Academic progress info
    • Library services
    • Bookstore services
    • Ongoing technical support
    • Referrals for student learning differences, physical challenges and personal counseling
    • Access to grievance procedures

Current state of assessment

  • Sent out survey to IE people
  • 42 out of 58 schools responded (grouped respondents by 75% above/below)
    • 93% online admission app
    • 92.9% – online FA app
    • Online advising – 75.65
    • Disability services – 75
    • Tutoring – 76
    • Bookstore- 80.5
    • Online placement testing – 61.9
    • New student orientation- 59.5
    • Registration – 63.4
    • Career services – 61.5
    • Counseling – 69.2
    • Online club, SGA, Activities – 65

How is the institution developing a sense of community – ease of use, meet their needs, that questions are replied to in a timely manner…how are students connected to SGA, clubs, activities…how is that built in.

Depth, breadth, interactivity, and integration of service

Project purpose:

  • Develop a guide/recommendations for Online Student Services
  • Develop recommendations to the System office

Monday Keynote

[from Lela Mac] This was Dr Saundra Wall Wiliams.  I thoroughly enjoyed listening to her speak, she was quite dynamic.  She shared a heart-warming story of growing up and helping her dad learn better himself with a different job…the story went full circle as her neice just a couple of years ago was teaching him to use a laptop…the story emphasizing how Learning is a LifeLong process.

Some of the high spots:

There are areas we need to plan for (future of DL):

  • We have large numbers of students that keep growing and our facilities will not be able to hold them all.  But we can’t just keep adding more on-line courses without a plan for Student Services.
  • We need a model to make sure ALL of the students needs are met (if we are going to enroll them).
  • We have to teach our students HOW to learn at a distance.  They need to feel secure about their learning, many being insecure (ie..displaced workers)
  • Collaboration is essential.  We need to be more of a DL Team (involving the whole campus).
  • Accountability is a must due to SACS accreditation.  They are gearing accreditation more and more toward DL.
  • Learning Object Repository – We should be using this.  Why re-create the wheel??
  • Technology perspective- The difference between traditional and Distance education is getting smaller and smaller
  • Trends:  Students are now “shopping” for colleges that can meet their needs.  They looks for the best technology.
  • COLT – Commission on Learning Technology- Let them know what you need!
  • Life long learning is a competitive necessity.

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