Carteret Community College Title III Grant

April 20, 2010

the ipad pilot

Title III is going to run a pilot on the use of an ipad.

Here’s the plan.  Title III will purchase an i-pad.  The device will be on loan to a pilot group of faculty and staff for 2-week intervals. For those who participate, the expectation is that during the two-week period, that faculty or staff member will explore ways to help provide better instruction or service. At the end of the full pilot period, the group will convene and discuss the pros and cons of the ipad, and, if the overall consensus is positive, to consider a larger pilot program for staff and faculty.
Participants were required to submit the following to be considered for the pilot:

  • An indication of interest in participating in the project.
  • A brief (~200 word) description of what the faculty/staff member would explore (to improve instruction or service).
  • A promise to blog during the experiential two-week period.
  • A promise to come together and discuss experiences at the end of the pilot period.

Once we get the project up and running (i.e. once we get the ipad), you’ll be able to follow participant reflections/feedback here.

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