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November 15, 2010

NC3ADL: Assessing Distance Learning

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We’re at the 2010 annual meeting of the NC3ADL (North Carolina Community College Association of Distance Learning).  And, by my estimation, this is the best one yet.  Just check out the program. High quality presentations.  Very few repeat sessions.  And, as always, great opportunities to network with colleagues from far, and near(!).  And now that the conference is finished, I’d encourage to jump over to Patrick’s DL blog and check out his reporting, as well as commentary from some of CCC’s team that attended.

I am presenting on the Assessment of Distance Learning (8:30 … yikes…Monday a.m.).  My presentation will have two facets: One is how we, as an institution, are assessing the quality of DL overall.  The other is to look at how assessment in DL courses is taking place at the program and course-level.   I believe this presentation/discussion has application to both DL directors and to classroom instructors – both of whom have concerns (at different levels) about whether or not DL is passing muster.

Click on photo to download pdf of ppt

Relevant documents referred to in this presentation:

  • The Quality Assessment Plan (QAP) for evaluating and certifying distance learning courses before they go “live”
  • SACS Policy on Distance Learning:

  • Distance Learning Program Evaluations:


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