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August 10, 2011

Outcomes Assessment at CCC – 2010-2012

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This is the presentation I made on Thursday, August 11, at the all-faculty meeting to kick off the new academic year. In the presentation, I covered a lot of ground rather quickly. The main points are:

  • Assessment Fellows: These three individuals (Sherry Faithful – A&S, Philip Morris – A&S, and Shana Olmstead – Business Technologies) have received stipends for the Fall semester and were given Title III funds to travel to the Institutional Effectiveness Institute in Baltimore in July. They will be serving as faculty leads on expanding, and deepening, the outcomes assessment process at Carteret.
  • ILLOs – 2010-2011. This is a quick and dirty review of what has been given three times already in various venues across campus. To learn more about this exhilarating topic, click here.
  • ILLOs – 2011-2012.  What are we doing this year?  We’ll be assessing Computer Literacy and Information Literacy.  The fall will be spent identifying program-level courses in which assessments will take place (the big question: will Computer Lit be assessed at the program-level, or across-the-board…stay tuned).  The spring will be dedicated to gathering assessments, scoring, if necessary, and identifying Use of Results.
  • Program Outcomes – 2011-2012. This will be a quick update on where we are for all programs and their analysis of data regarding Success, Persistence, and Retention data.  Currently, Jennifer (IE) is providing data to each of the programs regarding their data requests.  On October 10 (CCC in-service day), at the Assessment Workshop, Programs will identify Use of Results and Action Plans for their program outcomes.
  • CLLOs – 2011-2012.  We are moving toward full implementation of this assessment plan.  Last fall (2010), only those full online sections with a seated complement were asked to collect and analyze CLLO data.  In the spring (2011), it was any DL course (online or hybrid), plus any corresponding seated sections.  This fall, ALL courses must assess two CLLOs for each course taught.
  • PLLOs – 2011-2012.  Keep on, keepin’ on.  We are asking faculty to continue assessing and using data to make instructional improvements.

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