Carteret Community College Title III Grant

November 22, 2006

Grant Abstract, Proposal & SOP manual

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Strengthening Academic Programs and Services through
Assessment-Based Professional Development

Aerial View of Campus Front View of CCC
Carteret Community College (CCC), North Carolina, is a two-year, comprehensive, public, post-secondary institution annually serving 2,400 credit students (full time equivalent (FTE of 1,321). CCC is governed by a 13-member Board of Trustees. The college is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). The college requests $1,640,832 over five years to help solve persistent problems that seriously impede its sustainability. These include (1) CCC’s student retention and graduation rates are too low; (2) student learning assess-ment plans and the Institutional Effectiveness Plan will not meet accreditation standards; (3) students in online and hybrid courses are less successful; (4) too few faculty know how to advise students; (5) data management is inadequate and (6) the college has lost funding. To address these problems, CCC has developed a comprehensive activity plan of professional development based on three goals and eight measurable objectives. These will (1) increase assessment of student learning and institutional effectiveness; (2) document use of assessment in improving student learning and support for the environment that supports student learning; (3) increase student success in distance education; (4) increase student engagement with the institution; (5) increase the retention of first-year, first-time degree-seeking students into their second college year and (6) increase the annual graduation rate as well as the three year graduation rate of first time students. A Project Director, paid in part by Title III, will work closely with three directors paid with institution funds, to achieve and institutionalize the Activity goals and objectives. Measures of success include the increase in success rates by distance education students (from 63 to 75%), increase in first year retention (54-69%), increase in student engagement by 10% over 2006 levels, and increase in the three year graduation rate (29-35%) and one-year rate (18-24%).

Here you can download a copy of our grant proposal (on the left) and our Standard Operating Procedures manual (on the right)

T3 cover page

click on image to download pdf of SOP manual


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