Carteret Community College Title III Grant

EA Pilot – Spring 2010

Click here to view a demo of the new software

We’re off and running with the second semester pilot of the Early Alert system.  In the Fall, we focused on familiarizing faculty and staff with the software and the process.  We also used the opportunity to learn what worked, and what didn’t, in the software and process.  We’ve tweaked both, and now this semester (SP10) rapid, effective intervention is our goal.  If you haven’t read the report on last semester’s efforts, you can find it here.

In this semester’s pilot cohort (read how we selected the pilot cohort) there are 26 students enrolled in 91 sections.  We also have 41 full and part-time instructors who are monitoring these students throughout the semester.

For the pilot, Early Alerts are submitted by faculty members, using the software described above (click here to see a demo).  The alert is sent to a counselor and a copy goes back to the faculty member who is submitting it (for their records).  The counselor analyzes the situation and determines an appropriate intervention.  She then forwards the alert to whomever would be responsible for the intervention.  It is the counselor’s role to initiate contact with the student to determine the cause of the student’s issues.  It is also the counselor’s role to follow the alert through its conclusion (whether it is the student’s issue being addressed/resolved, or, in some instances, the student withdrawing from the course/college).

This semester, we are asking all participating faculty to submit reports on their cohort students during the 4th and 12th weeks of the semester.  This is designed to ensure that all faculty become familiar and comfortable with the software.

One caveat: The software resides on our internal network, and is therefore only accessible on campus.  We do have the software on computers that are designated for adjuncts who may not have personal offices on campus.  In the event that a participating faculty member does not come to campus at all, we are asking them to attach a form to an email that resembles the submission form in the software.

Stay tuned as we report on progress throughout this semester.

Your questions and comments are welcome!


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