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Quiz – Admin or Program Outcome?

martecloftingOK, here’s a question I recently received from the Curriculum Area Coordinator of our Boat Manufacturing and Servicing (BMS) program:

I know we talked about this briefly, but what is the difference between an administrative and a program outcome?

How’s this for a start:

Administrative Outcome:

* Work towards marine systems instructor achieving NACE certification
* Work towards composite instructor ACMA certified

Program Outcome:

* BMS Program will be financially self sustaining with live projects by Spring 2011
* BMS Program will integrate curriculum level co-op program with local industry by Spring 2011

Before you read any further…jump down to the reply section and tell us what you think.  Are the top 2 Admin Outcomes and the bottom 2 Program Outcomes?  Or vice versa?  Or neither??   My response is below.

From me:

Actually, the four you’ve listed would all qualify as Admin Outcomes…these are things that the program administrator is shooting for.

The distinction with the Program Outcome is: What’s the benefit of completing the program, as opposed to taking a few classes. Standard examples are:
* employment: X% of program completers will find relevant employment within 6 months of completion (or, will receive a raise/promotion w/in 6 mos)
* entrepreneurship: X% of program completers will start their own service/manf business within 1 year of completion
* employer satisfaction: Employers will report that MARTEC grads have the skills to succeed (we can work on this wording)
* grad satisfaction: Program completers report that the program prepared them to succeed in a relevant field (we can work on wording)

By contrast, the Administrative Outcome is one that is less-directly related to students and their learning, and more toward the improvement of the program (e.g. growth, efficiency, professionalism, etc…).   So, returning to the four examples provided by the BMS program coordinator, the first two relate to professional developmentl; ensuring that faculty are up-to-date (and certified, when possible) in the most relevant areas of their field.  The second two examples relate to resources (i.e. self-sustaining) and curriculum development (i.e. develop a co-op).  So, while the end result should be a better learning experience, it is the role of the program administrator to make it happen.  Therefore, the administrative outcome.

Hope this helps.


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