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Note: You can learn about all the Professional Development webinars we’ve offered through Title III.  Keep in mind that if you miss one, in most cases, you can still view the webinar for up to a year following the original broadcast (see any relevant links below).

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Title: Effective Academic Advising Strategies

Date : March 3rd, at 2 PM

Location: C-mast 406


The NACADA Statement of Core Values tells us that “Academic advisors work to strengthen the importance, dignity, potential, and unique nature of each individual within the academic setting.” Again and again, we hear advisors ask, “Exactly how do I go about doing that?  What are some specific strategies I can use?” and “show how the process works.”

This broadcast has been designed with these questions in mind.  If you have ever asked, “What works in academic advising?” you’ll want to join us as our Presentation Panel discusses six strategic approaches to advising that they have found beneficial in their advising practice.

To learn more, click here.

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Title: Reaching and Retaining Students: Advising Students on Academic Probation

Date: February 4th at 2:00

Location:  406 CMAST


There is no single type of student or student population or characteristic that makes a student destined for academic probation: no one is exempt from the possibility. What factors put students at risk for academic probation?  Who are the stakeholders and what are their roles in supporting students on academic probation?  What can advisors do?

In this broadcast, our Presentation Panel will discuss these questions and more!  Institutional programs that are supportive of the student on academic probation and useful resources for academic advisors will be shared. The webcast is produced by The National Academic Advising Association – their webcasts are always well produced and certainly worthwhile.  This will be a good professional development opportunity for anyone interested in advising.

Call or e-mail Hedda Bunting  to reserve your place.

222-6060 or

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Title: Best Learning Center Practices to Support Online Student Success and Retention.

Date: Tuesday, January 26, 2010 ~ 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. EST.

Location: 406 CMAST

Now that the initial viewing has passed, we still have access to the webinar and the materials:
Link to Recording
Link to the PowerPoint
Link to the Handout

Learning assistance personnel face a challenge as campus students enroll in online courses. Online students need specific learning and study strategies support for online course success. Online Instructors need a learning assistance perspective to consider how to support student learning. This presentation looks at some promising learning center practices that can be implemented or strengthened.


1) How learning center administration and staff can provide campus students with online course learning and study strategies for academic success.

2) How learning center administration and staff can provide campus course designers and instructors with ways to increase online student retention and success.

3) How learning center administration and staff can impact on district and state distance education to consider partnering with them for online student retention and success.

Remember, if you are unable to view the webinar at the time it is presented, a recording link will be provided for you to view it later.

An implementation guide and evaluation for the webinar can be found by clicking here.

Please RSVP Marlene via email or my phone extension 6226.

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Title:  Designing an Effective Orientation Program for Non-Traditional Students Description: How does your institution welcome non-traditional students to campus?

This webinar will focus on developing and enhancing an orientation program to meet the unique needs of your non-traditional students. Non-traditional students are one of the fastest growing populations on college campuses today. Whether your non-traditional student population is small or large, learn how to design/integrate a non-traditional orientation program/session to help non-traditioinals succeed. Attend this webinar and learn how to reach out to your non-traditional students from day 1 at orientation.

If you want to View the complete recording of Webinar Originally aired Tuesday, September 8th ~ 1-3 EDT

If you want to view other resources of information about retention click any of the following links:

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Title:   Increase Retention on the First Day by Implementing an Engaging Day 1 Agenda

Description:       Whether a student is in a Transfer, Undeclared Major, General Arts and Science or a career major, building the ‘core curriculum’ before the ‘content curriculum’ is essential to maximizing student motivation. Student motivation is dependent on three factors: creating an individual educational and career vision, developing the relevant success skills (high-performance change), and building relationships with classmates and faculty. These three factors are the real core curriculum.

If you want to View the complete recording of Webinar Originally aired August 20, 2009 1-3 (Eastern Time) Duration 1 hour 55 minutes Go to:

If you want to view other resources of information about retention click any of the following links:


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